Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Motivation Station

...or lack thereof.
{my unmotivated face. cute, I know.}
Do you ever have those days where you just can't bring yourself to do anything? I feel like I have those days more often than I would like. I like to think I am able to keep a fairly positive attitude even when my motivation is absolutely lacking, but still. This morning, for example, I decided to do some HIIT and dance type Blogilates videos for my morning cardio. After getting through one video though, I just did not want to keep going which stinks because I thought I was motivated to work out!

Honestly, it has always been difficult for me to find my drive. I have loving parents who never pressured me or pushed me to be something I'm not. I found the most incredible man who loves me no matter what and has never had a complaint about the way I eat or look. I don't have any serious health concerns that I need to be helping. Believe me, I consider myself very blessed because of all of this. So where is the motivation?

Joining Tone It Up and transforming my life really has to come from inside me, and lately it's been getting harder and harder to know that I'm doing this for my own benefit. I don't want to say I feel guilty for putting so much energy into myself (I'm an only child, so this is nothing new! Kidding, kidding...kind of) but in a weird way I kind of do. Or shouldn't I be doing other things like reading, working, or helping out others more? It's also getting harder to resist comparing myself to others. All of the TIU girls who are able to fit in their workouts and then some every day make me wish I had the motivation and drive to do the same. I admire you all so much, but I just can't find it in myself to really challenge myself.

I think I'm just having one of those off days, but I find comfort in writing all of this out because I know I'm not the only one who loses their motivation now and then. For those of you reading this, where do you find your motivation? What pushes you to work hard when you feel like just laying in bed and watching tv?


  1. I know exactly where you're coming from, and it's certainly not a bad thing that everyone in your life loves you for who you are today! But sometimes we all have moments where we aren't happy with how we look or feel, and no amount of support from friends and family can make up for those "down" times. We all have them, and it's okay to want to give up sometimes. Just remember that you're not doing this for the acceptance of others. You're doing this for your own happiness and health, because it makes you feel good from the inside out! Remember how excited and energized you feel when you work out and eat clean, and think of all the good things health and fitness can do for your body. You KNOW you love that feeling, so even if you spend a few days (or weeks) a little off track, what matters is that you always come back strong! Take some time to look at your inspiration board and your goals today, and remember that a whole slew of TIU girls are here to support you . :)

    1. Thank you! I loved this. I am going to do just that! <3