Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh, hi there! & Summer Bucket List

{gotta have that cliche beach picture ;)}

Well well well, it's been awhile, huh? I'm just going to throw this out there right now: I am the WORST at time management. As I type this, I'm thinking about all these other things I need to do and feel like it's just impossible. It's really challenging to find that balance in life and to make journaling/blogging a priority! Has anyone ever tried any of those programs that help you realize just how much time you're spending doing non-important things in order to make more time in your life for important things? I need to get on one of those, stat.

A little life update real quick: I'm taking 2 summer classes, keeping up with the Bikini Series, freaking out about how much wedding planning there still needs to be done, and freaking out about what I want to do with my life once I graduate in a few months. Oh, and then there's this whole thing called summer and being home with my parents for the last time as an unhitched lady and wanting to spend a ton of time doing fun things with them. It's crazy, I tell you! I really really really give all the credit in the world to people who can successfully manage their time well. The people who have a cool blog, a great marriage, 5 kids, are involved with their church and kids' school, and are writing a book on the side. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! Share all your superhuman secrets with us please?

So far, this Bikini Series has just been incredible. I'm starting to see major changes in my body and I'm really feeling great. Right now my back is killing me from the new arm workout. I don't think my back has ever hurt this bad due to muscular's kinda cool! Anyways, I'm having a great time "getting to know" everyone through Instagram and Twitter which is so crazy because I really do feel like I have all these new little friends that if there was some huge Tone It Up convention, we'd all meet in person for the first time and it would be like we've known one another for ages! Does that make sense? There should totally be a Tone It Up convention. And of course I'm loving keeping in touch with my accountability partner. I feel like if we lived closer than a plane ride away, we would be real life besties. It's so cool connecting with someone like that, and I'm so glad TIU brought us together! /end cheesiness

Wow, look at me just rambling on! How about a very belated TIU Bucket List?! Okay! (Starting with the real wishy things, and ending with the things I know will happen but it's just fun to put them on there too!)

My TIU Summer 2013 Bucket List
1. Go to the beach. I haven't been to a beach in like, 2 summers. And I have a super cute new bathing suit I need to wear at a beach and not just a pool.
2. Get a massage or a facial. I've never gotten either and they just sound so luxurious  And with sites like Groupon, I feel like I could actually treat myself at a reasonable cost. 
3. Complete C25K/Run a 5K! Oh my gosh, I'm almost there. Pretty sure I'm going to cry the first time I run a 5K without stopping. Oh yeahhh.
4. Be confident in summer clothes. Shorts, tank tops, and bikinis! Heck yeah I'm going to feel good :)
5. Take a road trip to somewhere new and/or CAMPING. My fiance and I have been talking about going camping for so long now and we just haven't bit the bullet. But I want tooooooo.
6. Finish 3 books. I am notorious for going to a library, checking out 10 books, and then just letting them sit there until they're due. I want to love reading again and there's plenty of books that I know will help me to!
7. Plan this wedding! It'll come together, I know it.
8. GRADUATE. Still don't want to think too much about this until summer classes are over and I get my grades but please!

Whew! And one more thing... I want to say a ginormous thank you to everyone I've met through TIU. I know this has been said a lot by everyone, but I really and truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. Everyone's story is so inspiring and your kind words are just all that it takes to get me through a rough workout. I can't imagine being without this community. 

Love you all, goodnight from deep in the heart of Texas!

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