Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Rough Start

 Post-workout yesterday!

So last night I started feeling mega-stressed. I've been working out every day and eating better than usual which is great, but silly school and work have been in the way of giving the Bikini Series my all. The few minutes I've had to breathe lately are spent just relaxing because all I have done is run around! Finals are approaching, wedding planning needs to pick back up, I need to start preparing for summer classes and figure out what I want to do after I graduate--and all I want to do is connect with the TIU community, plan meals, go grocery shopping, cook, and workout!!! As an only child (any other only children out there?!), I tend to feel left out and like I'm not trying hard enough when I can't quite get on the same level of commitment as other people. I know that's silly because not everyone can find the time to work out for 3 hours a day or afford (or even find in their town!) obscure cooking ingredients, but the feeling's there. That might be another reason I was so quick to give up in the past. Not this time though ;)

Anyways, this week really is all about finding the balance for me. Right now I have some free time to catch up on the TIU blog posts and challenges, and look at the meal plan to make a grocery list. I'm just trying to take it a little at a time because that's all I can handle until the semester is officially over next Wednesday.

I haven't journaled my Bikini Series intentions yet so let's start with that!

Tone It Up Bikini Series Goals

- Workout 6 days a week
- Complete a BC every day I work out (once finals are over)
- Continue the C25K program to train for a 5K (And eventually a half marathon!)
- Try a new type of workout every week
- Fit into my old size 6 and size 8 shorts for summer!
- Feel healthy, confident, & stronger by eating right and working out
- Connect daily in the TIU community (Twitter, Insta, Community, Blog)
- Connect daily with my accountability partner & group text!
- Minimize dairy consumption
- Follow the TIU plan as best as possible & make healthy choices when eating out

 My first time on an exercise bike in a while for the Biker Babes workout yesterday. I'm quite sore today :)

Even with all of this outside stress, I'm enjoying TIU so much this time around. I have already said that, but I truly feel like this time is different. Having TIU buddies to keep you accountable has already helped my attitude towards this lifestyle tremendously. You all rock so hard!

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