Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My TIU Hump Day

Not to be a complete copycat, but I just finished reading Alysha's latest blog post before heading over here to write and all of the feelings she wrote about describe this past week for me. It's just insane! This girl was obviously meant to be my TIU sister & accountability partner--she's so sweet and our similar interests are kind of freaky! In a good way, of course ;)

Anyways, yesterday was just a great day. I finished my last class at my university before I take summer classes online and graduate in August. There was such a weight lifted off of my chest and I felt like I could breathe again, if only for a minute! Immediately after class I had work, and decided to go grocery shopping right after to pick up some TIU necessities.
I knew I wanted to make the blueberry zest muffins and fritatta muffins so I picked up some ingredients for those. I also snagged some pineapple juice and limes to start making the Bombshell Spell from the Beach Babe edition of the TIU Plan! Finally I picked up some Puffins to eat in a pinch for breakfast (peanut butter, my favorite), some new almond/coconut milk to try, and naturally a chocolate Zico! I have the biggest sweet tooth, I could drink 10 of those a day! 

My Perfect Fit protein won't be arriving until tomorrow or Friday so I couldn't make the blueberry muffins quite yet, but in the meantime I whipped up the fritatta muffins. They kind of overflowed and I actually forgot to spray the liners with cooking spray (*facepalm*) but they turned out so yummy! I used some eggs from a local farmer and the shells were actually green and brown which was pretty neat. I always feel better about eating eggs when they come from local farms. This guy even has a photo album of his chickens at his booth every Saturday! 

For dinner, I made the Confetti Kale Salad...I was clearly in the mood to cook! It turned out to be my new favorite meal. Massaging the kale leaves beforehand made all the difference. And the dressing was so yummy--I love mustard, especially Dijon.

I had a lazy start today which was so nice--no work or class to get to until later in the afternoon :). I made some coffee and immediately did the Bikini Booty WO and Sunset WO for my BC! It was such a great way to start the day. After that, I ate a Luna bar, read Alysha's latest email and replied. Like I mentioned above, I feel like we were just meant to be little pen pals and it's so cool getting to know someone via email and hearing her story. I love it!

By lunch time I was mega hungry because I skipped M2 while I was running some errands, but I tried to keep it a decent meal by eating some fake buffalo wings, almond nuthins and avocado hummus. I made a protein shake right after so I guess that kind of counts for M2 and M3, right? ;) It had some chocolate protein the fiance uses, a banana, 1/2 of a plain Chobani, ice, and some almond/coconut milk. It was delicious and very filling.

Then I had work and ended up going to a store on campus to buy snack food with my leftover "dining dollars" that I have to use up by next Wednesday. There aren't too many healthy options to choose from, so we ended up buying a lot of junk for Landon, my fiance. Give him a Mountain Dew and a Snickers and he's a happy guy! Currently all that food is lying on the table next to me, staring me down. So far I've resisted which is a huge feat for me. There's Chex Mix Muddy Buddies and Oreos, some of my favorite junk foods! 

By the time we got home, I was famished again so I ate some habanero/BBQ flavored almonds and a Clif Bar. I finally tried to get back to studying and managed for a little before itching to go for a C25K workout before it got too dark. Landon has been my running buddy throughout this and so far we're on Week 3 which means two 3-minute runs. Man was it hard, especially after those booty workouts this morning! But as usual, it felt sooo good once we were done. Love those endorphins!
Now I'm about to eat dinner (leftover kale salad), finish the Cocktail Dress WO, and get back to studying for finals. I have one on Friday and 2 next week, ahh!

I'm about to get kind of mushy here for a second, y'all. This community of girls has already made such a huge impact on my life. I haven't stuck with something for longer than a week in a while and here I am today because of seeing all of your support and love for one another. I am officially obsessed with all of the TIU Instagram may be becoming a problem, haha. But for real I am just thrilled to be doing this all out this time. Cheers to the beautiful month of May and the Bikini Series! <3

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