Friday, May 3, 2013

The Choices We Make

Bloom Where You Are Planted 
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Y'all, it's been one of those days. You know, the day that completely tempts you to just go ahead and eat that slice of pizza and give up? Well here's the cool thing. I felt that temptation when my fiancé ordered a pizza last night and when I held it on my lap on the drive home, but that temptation wasn't as strong as it used to be. For those wondering, pizza is by far my favorite food. I grew up around New Haven, CT where there is all sorts of pizza snobbery (thin crust, homemade sauce, real Italian cheeses). But after coming to Texas A&M, the land of cheap college pizza places and late night study sessions, I found myself liking pretty much pizza from any location. Oh and pizza rolls, those are a big thing here. Hope you aren't drooling too much yet!

Anyways, usually I'd give into a slice (or 3) of pizza but not this time. The point of this is that for the past week, I've found myself craving fruits, greens, and clean protein. Last night before heading to the library to study, all I wanted was a protein smoothie. Excuse me, what?! It unfortunately didn't satisfy my hunger for too long (who knows the healthiness of the soy protein Jamba uses...) but then I eventually ate some Morningstar Buffalo Wings (okay NOT the cleanest, but I'm pretty sure they're at least slightly better than pizza). Oh and at the library, I drank a plain chai tea. Yes, I willingly chose a library beverage that did not include mocha and/or caramel syrup.

This morning before my first final of finals week, I even opted for a positive attitude. I tend to go into tests with the excuse of how I procrastinated and didn't start studying until the night before, so if I do bad it's because of that. Well this time, I had started studying earlier. And I felt fairly confident with the material, way more than I had been for the first 3 tests for this particular class. I said a quick prayer and completed the test with little anxiety. 

After the test, I chose to walk to work instead of take the bus across campus. It had been cold and windy all morning (insert comment about bipolar Texas weather/global warming here) but I started to feel the warm sun on my face and knew I needed to take advantage of the walk. It felt great--although I was slightly embarrassed when my dress kept flying up and giving the appearance I was mooning the entire university (don't worry, I had leggings on).

The final point is this: we all have the ability to make our own choices...hello, obvious cliché! For so long I had pawned my bad decisions off on things that "I couldn't control", like my tendency to procrastinate. We have all made the choice to be a part of the Tone It Up Team and participate in the TIU Bikini Series. Some of us are here for the first time, some of us are here after many failed attempts to get motivated, lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, etc. We all have a unique story to share, and our personal struggles and accomplishments will help others more than we might ever know. But we are all here now to help one another achieve that truly healthy lifestyle we have been craving. I hope when you are faced with a choice, no matter how small it may seem, that you remember your worth and your ability to make the best decision for you!

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